Collection of my best articles and vidoes I've produced over the years.

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This course contains 19 articles I've written for Spearing Magazine.

  1. Number #1 rule in Freediving and spearfishing.
  2. Animosity between freedivers and scuba divers.
  3. Why take a Freediving class?
  4. Why you should consider be the last person to get off the boat
  5. 2 techniques that put more oxygen in your brain on every dive.
  6. The fallacy behind I don't push myself and I don't push my limits.
  7. Why you head position matters when you are diving.
  8. Why and how to hunt in teams.
  9. Breathing advice for freediving.
  10. My guide on how to clean up your entry.
  11. Proper weighting for freediving. #TooMuchLeadMakesYouDead
  12. How to prep you body if you have been out of the water for a long time.
  13. Safe Freediving practices for freediving and spearfishing.
  14. How to make foggy masks a thing of the past.
  15. Learn how to active your most primal reflex
  16. Why spearfishing should consider using.a computer.
  17. Great tips for the lovely snorkel.
  18. Freediving wetsuit vs scuba wetsuit.
  19. How to improve you kick.

This course all contains 10 of one 1 minute Tuesday Tip videos.

  1. How to tell if you are overweighted.
  2. How to dive in teams while freediving & spearfishing
  3. Why you should remove your snorkel.
  4. Great video for your buddy who gets seasick, but claims they are not seasick.
  5. Why use a float line in dirty water
  6. Myth of I don't push myself I know my limits
  7. Tips for equalizing your ears while freediving
  8. How to stop losing your buddy while freediving & spearfishing
  9. What does a surface blackout look like
  10. Proper diet vs proper preparation for a spearfishing trip.

This is treasure trove of reliable Freediving information, I look forward to helping you become a better and safer freediver.

Your Instructor

Ted Harty
Ted Harty

I started my underwater adventures (career) in 2005, as a Scuba Instructor in the Florida Keys. During that time I became a PADI Staff Instructor, and taught for NAUI and the SSI as well. I took my very first professional freediving course with Performance Freediving International (PFI) in 2008, taught by Kirk Krack. I was absolutely blown away by the class and by freediving, I quickly became I do with many things!

In 2009, I became a freediving instructor for PFI and I’ve been teaching freediving full time ever since. I went to my first freediving competition in 2009, as an out of shape and overweight ex-scuba instructor, and progressed from an 80 ft. to 177 ft. dive in just 3 weeks! After that experience, I wondered what I could do if I got in shape and took training more seriously. I went on to break a USA Freediving record, have won 3 freediving competitions, was selected to be Captain of Men's USA Freediving team at the World Championships, am a PFI Instructor Trainer and my deepest freedive to date is 279 feet.

While I enjoy being a competitive freediver immensely, my true passion has always been teaching. Thus, for the past 5 years I've been focused on the instructional side of freediving by teaching my classes through my company Immersion Freediving. Deeper Blue reviewed my 4 day PFI Intermediate freediving course and said it was the most professional course in the dive industry they had seen in 33 years. See the full review here.

I've worked with Tim Kennedy (US Army Ranger, UFC fighter and star of History Channel show Hunting Hitler), Ben Greenfield (fitness guru and podcaster), and several elite military instructors. I’ve appeared on The Spear, Noob Spearo, Ben Greenfield’s podcast; have written an article for every issue of Spearing Magazine since 2013, as well as am the official freediving course of Spearing Magazine. I’ve appeared in the books Deep Freediving, Renegade Science, What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves and One Breath. I have also been a featured speaker at the Blue Wild Expo, the largest freediving and spearfishing expo in the US 5 years running.

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